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sustainable ecology

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A sustainable ecology in the Europe of the future
The main theme of the Partnership is to promote a deeper understanding of the physical environment in which pupils live. This theme is predicated on the notions, firstly, that an awareness of issues relating to sustainability, conservation, ecology, global warming and renewable resources should be developed at an early age and secondly that such an awareness produces practical implications and outcomes for the wider school community. Pupils should be able to discuss the issues at the appropriate level and offer possible action plans for dealing with these in a comparative international context. The work is divided into six semesters of approximately equal length to allow for differences in school terms in different countries: Provision is made for pupils with special needs (SEND), those who are vulnerable and those who are gifted and talented in particular areas (G&T). All pupils contribute to planning and assessment. Semesters begin with a Planning & Review Meeting with all Partners represented. Hosting rotates between Partner Schools. In Semester 6 the product of the Partnership will be drawn together and all communities involved will participate in a Comenius Festival.